Michelle Becker is taking on new responsibilities as Precision Equipment continues on its growth path. The executive administrator is now project coordinator for the group and will oversee a variety of projects to assure they’re accomplished on time, within budget and producing the expected results.

With all of that on her plate, Becker has no intention of giving up her unofficial role as chief cheerleader of Precision Equipment.

“It’s good to be the positive person,” she says. And you only have to read her e-mails or speak with her on the phone to know she’s doing her part to help the group succeed.

From the first discussion of Elder Implement (now part of the Precision Equipment) possibly being the subject of Farm Equipment’s 2012 “Dealership Minds” project, it was her energy and enthusiasm that made it happen — but it almost didn’t.

Though it wasn’t generally known at the time, Elder Implement was in the critical stages of finalizing its merger talks with another dealership group when discussion were underway in September for the 2012 “Dealership Minds” subject. “It was never a matter of not wanting to do the project,” says Becker. “It was more a matter of ‘Is it feasible to do this with everything we’re trying to pack into these next couple of weeks? Is this really the best time?’

“I’m really glad that I kept pushing for it to happen. I kept telling the Senior Leadership Team, ‘No, we can make this work. We really need to take advantage of this opportunity because it doesn’t come along every day. Farm Equipment’s telling us that we have a fabulous thing going on here. They want to talk about it and we should be telling other people about our success.’”

She says she’s “ecstatic” that it happened.

“I’ve thought all along that we had a great story to tell with the things we’ve been able to accomplish by putting the right people in the right places. I believe we’re going to make this an amazing experience for whoever works here. I want other people to see and hear about it, too.

“If others in the industry can take just one thing away from our story and say, ‘I never thought about doing that in our organization,’ or if just one thing they see here opens their eyes to the potential, it’s all worth it,” Becker says.