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NOAA Expects Spring Flooding, But Not Like 2019

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Admn. forecasters are predicting widespread flooding this spring but do not expect it to be as severe or prolonged overall as the historic floods in 2019. Major to moderate flooding is likely in 23 states from the Northern Plains south to the Gulf Coast, with the most significant flood potential in parts of North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota, which could hamper planting of crops.
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Organic Crop Acres for article

Certified Organic Crop Acres Increased 13% in 2019

U.S. farmers harvested nearly 3.3 million acres of certified organic field crops in 2019, driven by 14% more organic field crop operations, according to Mercaris, a market data service and online trading platform for organic, non-GMO and certified agricultural commodities.
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Sustainable Ag Practices Could Improve Growers’ Bottom Line

There’s a big push right now for “regenerative” or “sustainable agriculture” practices. With little or no perceived value to their production though, growers are unlikely to change their cropping practices. Some in the sustainable ag space, however, say that certain sustainable practices can provide increased productivity, including crop yields and return per acre.
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Autonomous Farm Equipment: U.S. Farm Adoption & Outlook

$500.00 (33%)

This custom research report offers a summary of autonomy’s technological progression and indicates that the intersection of remote sensing, internet connectivity and rapid technology advances have ushered in a new tipping point for fully-automated farm operations.

AEI Cover Crop Report Cover

Cover Crop Adoption & Outlook by High-Production U.S. Farmers: Applications, Economics & Trends

$50.00 (13%)
This new report helps you identify the opportunities and challenges for your business by participating in one of the largest trends in all of American agriculture, cover crops. The online-exclusive report features original reporting and primary research data licensed from years of operational benchmarking surveys of growers compiled by No-Till Farmer and Cover Crop Strategies. View
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No-Till Farming Market in the U.S.: A 10-Year Study into the Practice & Trends

$100.00 (17%)

This multi-billion dollar investment into conservation ag will undoubtedly raise awareness for the benefits of no-till farming and drive adoption in the U.S. It’s more important now than ever that dealers and manufacturers understand no-till farming, what it can do for their customers and the potential demand for equipment it will create on the heels of these investments.

Opportunities for Dealers, Manufacturers with Growing Strip-Till Practice

Opportunities for Dealers, Manufacturers with Growing Strip-Till Practice (PDF)


For years, there has been anecdotal evidence that there are pockets of strip-till growth, a niche that began to be commercially served by manufacturers in the 1990s. Evidence comes from both the farm and the dealership levels, with local ambassadors for the practice promoting the benefits and converting neighbors and customers. These are encouraging stories that reinforce the commitment strip-tillers make, along with the challenges they face and rewards they earn. The objective of this report is to create a “how to” guide for dealers not yet operating within the strip-till market and provide them with insights from farmers and dealers on what it means to carry, sell and service strip-till equipment.

Vertical Tillage Report Cover

Vertical Tillage: U.S. Market Overview

A new study, including primary research, of vertical tillage practices in the U.S., what farmers are using it for and how dealers expect it to grow. View
Industrial Hemp Report

Industrial Hemp: Possibilities & Potential for the Ag Equipment Industry

A new study, including primary research, of what farmers, dealers & industry experts are saying about industrial hemp and its future for ag equipment. View

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