Dave Kanicki

Dave Kanicki

Dave Kanicki is the Executive Editor of Farm Equipment and Editor/Publisher of Ag Equipment Intelligence (AEI) and its related research, reports and broadcast channels. He joined Lessiter Publications in 2005 after decades of experience as an Editor/Publisher of metals manufacturing titles. His Farm Equipment and AEI work has been nationally recognized by both trade business and business press associations. He is a graduate of Central Michigan University.

Contact: dkanicki@lessitermedia.com


What About Capital Expenditures?

So, we’ve heard a lot from USDA about commodity prices and projected planted acres for 2020, but little or nothing about capital expenditure expectations. It exists but doesn’t capture much attention from much of the ag industry. I suppose this is because most farm spending is dependent on commodity prices.
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Trade Issues Cloud Dealers’ View of 2020

The opening line to a recent Wall Street Journal early morning guide to the day’s top news read “… investors face geopolitical uncertainties …” Well, WSJ readers, welcome to our world. There is one thing that is certain about uncertainty. It is that nobody likes it. Not investors or farmers, and from our corner of agriculture, farm equipment dealers and manufacturers. Nonetheless, it’s what we’ve got to work with these days.
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Dealer Financials

Dealer Financials Improving, But More Work Needed

While dealers’ bottom lines are looking better, they must improve overall operations if they hope to enhance their profits in the years ahead.
Based on the results of the Western Equipment Dealers Assn.’s 2018 Cost of Doing Business Study, North American farm equipment dealers are making progress in improving a number of metrics typically used to measure their financial performance.
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North American Dealers Outlook for New Equipment Revenue
2019 Dealer Business Outlook & Trends for Farm Equipment

Improved 2018 Sales Sets the Tone for 2019 Outlook

As more ‘normal’ conditions settle in, dealers look for more of the same in the year ahead, which isn’t all bad.
After several difficult years, it looks as if U.S. and Canadian farm equipment dealers are back on firm footing. With that said, probably the best thing the industry can do moving forward is to not compare current conditions to the boom years of 2008-14, which were not typical, and acknowledge that the ag equipment business is actually returning to a more normal state.
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Midwest Farm Lending Up, But Not Much for Equipment

Loan volumes for almost all farming purposes rose at commercial banks, as many producers contended with tighter profit margins, according to the April 2015 edition of the Agricultural Finance Databook from the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. Agricultural lending continued to grow in the first quarter of 2015, but the smallest percentage of overall loans were for farm machinery and equipment, which showed little or no increase vs. a year ago.
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From the Desk of Dave Kanicki

New Changes Coming to Farm Equipment Dealerships

Coming to a farm equipment dealership near you … new taxes on service and repairs, and weight, width, height and length limits for implements of husbandry (better known as farm equipment).
We all have a tendency to ignore things that are happening elsewhere because they aren't happening right in our back yard. Well, maybe dealers should start paying more attention because what's happening elsewhere like in other states could easily end up in their own back yard.
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