The most viewed content for 2023 on highlights industry updates, manufacturer news and the future of the equipment industry. As we enter the new year, we wanted to share the most popular content from 2023. 

With all of the news gathered, responses and interviews collected, countless hours of writing and AV production, we made this year one to remember. More importantly, we made all of this year’s content for you! The following aren’t items we thought were the best of this year— These are the best of the year according to our audience. The Digital Media Department hunkered down in a caffeine-induced frenzy and compiled the ‘can’t miss’ content from 2023.

Most Viewed On the Record Newscasts:

  • New Holland to ‘Clean’ Dealer Network of Shortlines
    • New Holland Agriculture President Carlo Lambro talks about the future of the company's North America network. In the Technology Corner, Noah Newman takes a look at the recently award-winning One Smart Spray system. Also in this episode, Titan Machinery's latest earnings report, dealers forecast fourth quarter wholegoods sales and ag equipment manufacturers' reasons to be optimistic in 2024.
  • Deere Reports Rising Large Ag Price Realization, Lower Production Costs
    • In this episode of On The Record, we examine Deere’s Population of 20-Store Dealers On the Rise. In the Technology Corner, we take a look at Carbon Robotics Developing New “Thinning” Function for LaserWeeder. Also in this episode: AGCO & Kubota Sign Right to Repair MOUs, Deere Reports Rising Large Ag Price Realization - Lower Production Costs and Dealers’ Most Pressing Concerns.
  • CNH Industrial Aims for Almost All In-House Precision Tech by 2025
    • In this episode of On the Record, we take a look at CNH Industrial's goals for in-house precision tech production. In the Technology Corner, Noah Newman shows us Mississippi State University's brand-new Agricultural Autonomy Institute. Also in this episode, grain prices and farmer purchases, dealers' capital spending plans and Kubota's third quarter earnings.
  • Large Ag Equipment Growth to Slow in 2023
    • In this episode of On the Record, Pinion Principal Marc Johnson forecasts 4-6% growth in large ag equipment sales in 2023. In the Technology Corner, Noah Newman takes a closer look at Verge Ag’s Equipment Explorer, which was launched at the 2023 Precision Farming Dealer Summit. Also in this episode, a preview of the 10th annual Precision Farming Dealer benchmark study and a look at ag retailer sprayer purchase plans for the year ahead.
  • Kubota North America Revenue Hits $8.2 Billion in 2022
    • In this episode of On the Record, we discuss the results of Kubota's earnings for 2022 and what percentage of its revenue is coming from North America and its Farm Equipment & Engines segment. In the Technology Corner, Noah Newman reports from the floor of the National Farm Machinery Show on a new announcement from Trimble. Also in this episode, a look at the latest update to the Ag Economy Barometer and the results of the 2023 Rural Lifestyle Dealer Business Outlook & Trends report.

Most Read News Articles:

    • We kept a close eye on the still ongoing (as of this article's publishing) strike by UAW-represented workers at 2 CNH Industrial factories. Over 1,000 CNH Industrial workers in Racine, Wis., and Burlington, Iowa, went on strike at 12PM CST, May 2, 2022. In the most recent update, News 8 reported Jan. 23 that some UAW workers at striking CNH Industrial factories had won pay raises up to 38%, according to an interview with UAW bargaining team member Tracey Chew. The contract will expire May 2026.
  • AGCO Forecasts 25,000 Fendt Tractors Sold in 2023
    • In an international press event held in fall 2022, executives at AGCO talked about the future of the Fendt brand and shed some light on the details of the brand’s post-pandemic growth.
  • John Deere Spends More on Dealer Incentives, R&D in 2022
    • On Dec. 15, John Deere filed its 10-K annual report with the SEC, which includes details about the manufacturer’s operations outside its normal earnings reports. Below are 5 key takeaways from John Deere’s 2022 annual report filing.
  • 2023 Annual Tractor and Combine Retail Sales Forecast By: Charlie Glass
    • Our databases include information for tractor sales  which are derived from AEM’s monthly Flash Reports and dates back to 1969, USDA reported net farm income that dates back to 1969 and U.S. Department of Labor’s GDP data that dates from 1970. We also house information from USDA Agricultural Censuses from 1978 to 2017. All of this data is essential in making a reasonable forecast for the industry.
  • Dealers Continue to Run Manufacturer Farm Booth Shows
    • Ag Equipment Intelligence editors were on the ground at the 2023 National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Ky., and noticed that 2 manufacturers had brought in dealers to run their booths. John Deere’s booth was run by — and branded as — Wright Implement, a 15-store dealer with locations in Indiana and Kentucky.

Most Read Digital Edition Articles:

  • Electric Tractor Manufacturer Solectrac Goes Up for Sale
    • Solectrac, a manufacturer of electric tractors based out of Santa Rosa, Calif., has been declared as “assets held for sale” by its parent company, Ideanomics. A publicly traded global electric vehicle company, Ideanomics said in its second quarter 2023 earnings report filed Aug. 4, 2023, that 4 of its subsidiaries, including Solectrac, had met the criteria to be classified as assets held for sale.
  • Analysts: What if AGCO Acquired Caterpillar?
    • Analysts at RW Baird believe AGCO should consider acquiring Caterpillar, according to a Feb. 23 report from Seeking Alpha. Analysts are quoted as saying, “The past 5 years have shown that the ag vertical is emerging as the machinery leader” in self-driving technology. Analysts also see potential in both retrofitting older equipment with technology and for AGCO to develop its own subscription revenue.
  • AGCO to Adopt the ‘Fendt Approach’ with Trimble/AGCO Dealer Offerings
    • AGCO announced Sept. 28 it had entered into a joint venture with Trimble. AGCO will own 85% of that joint venture via a $2 billion cash payment and the contribution of JCA Technologies, an autonomy software developer it acquired in May 2022 for $63 million Canadian dollars. 
  • Expected Impact of New Holland Brand Purity Efforts
    • In the latest text poll from Farm Equipment, a majority of dealers (52.6%) felt New Holland Agriculture President Carlo Lambro’s comments at this year’s Farm Progress show about removing shortlines from its dealer network would have no impact on the industry.
  • John Deere to Market Satellite Service to Farmers in 2024
    • John Deere will be offering some U.S. and Brazilian farmers the chance to access Deere’s own satellite network for improved connectivity by the end of 2024, according to a May 1 report from the Wall Street Journal. John Deere is looking at using satellite technology to supply connectivity to its more remote customers.