In an upcoming presentation for the Ag Equipment Intelligence 2024 Executive Briefing, Tractor Zoom Director of Insights Andy Campbell reports that industry supplies of self-propelled sprayers were up 44% in November 2023 compared to one year ago. At the same time, pricing was up 12% at the dealership level year-over-year.

“Despite increases in supply, we’re still seeing really strong price increases on sprayers, both at auction and at the dealership,” said Campbell. “I just spoke with a couple dealers whose current initiative is to move sprayers this year. I think we’re going to see some aggressive moves on sprayers, and it’s just a question of what that’s going to do to the valuation in the auction market.”

Campbell noted there was only a brief period between January and April of this year when sales of self-propelled sprayers out-paced the rate at which sprayers were being added to dealers’ lots. 

“Time is of the essence right now with sprayers, and I think their hay day is limited,” he said.

Campbell will present similar market analysis on combines and row-crop tractors as well as give his market predictions for 2024 in his upcoming presentation, 2023 Used Equipment Market Review and 2024 Projections, which will be available exclusively to 2024 Executive Briefing attendees.

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