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Ag Equipment Intelligence 2024 Executive Briefing Includes access to two full days of live and on-demand sessions with Q&A and access to recorded sessions after the event.


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Access the best farm equipment industry information available. Keep up-to-date on the major farm equipment industry trends, financial news that signal general economic health of dealers, full line and short line manufacturers. Equipment sales (new & used), earnings, dealer consolidations. Evaluation of land prices, international news and long-term equipment trends.

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This 48-page special management report is published each October and sent only to Ag Equipment Intelligence subscribers, but will be provide to all registered Executive Briefing attendees, providing a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of key developments and trends of the past year, and insightful forecasts and commentary for the year ahead.

FREE Access to a 2024 Mid-Year Review Event
You will receive free access to a 2024 Mid-Year Review discussion led by the editors of Ag Equipment Intelligence. They will regroup with key contributors to the 2024 Executive Briefing for an updated look at how things are playing out across the agricultural industry. Courtesy of Performance Brokerage Services.


No filler. No bias. No conflict of interest.

Just pure ag equipment industry news, analysis and forecasts that you can’t get anywhere else.

• Major farm equipment industry news • The latest earnings reports
• Financial trends impacting the health of dealers and manufacturers • Dealer and manufacturers’ M&A
• New and used equipment sales figures • International ag equipment market updates
• Short & long-term equipment trends