According to a report from Quad City Times, Deere has announced it will be eliminating an unknown number of salaried jobs as part of its "Smart Industrial Redesign" strategy. 

“As part of the Smart Industrial Redesign, we are aspiring to become a leaner organization that’s more capable of responding to rapidly changing market conditions and customer demands with enhanced speed and flexibility,” the company said.

“To do this, we’re broadening spans of control and reducing layers across our company to further empower employees, drive efficiencies, improve communication and respond to changing market conditions more quickly. Further, we are balancing our cost structure to create a more customer-drive and streamlined organization.”

The elimination of these positions follows the closing of Deere's most recent employee buyout program on July 31. Deere also laid off 35 employees at its Waterloo Works facility effective Aug 3. and canceled the layoff of 82 employees at its Davenport Works facility that were to go into effect Aug. 2.