With the launch of a new line of tractors, a new combine and planter in the past year, AGCO says its serious about establishing its Fendt branded farm machinery as a premium line for row-crop farmers in the U.S. and Canada. As further evidence of its intent, the company reports it has more than doubled the number of dealers carrying the Fendt line in the past year, which means North American farmers have another green tractor to choose from.

In an Aug. 27 release coinciding with the start of the 2019 Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Ill., AGCO said it now has a total of 189 Fendt dealership locations in North America. Of that total, 98 are new locations that have taken on the Fendt line in the past year.

The company says special emphasis was put on placing new Fendt dealerships in areas to best serve prospective customers and existing Fendt owners. Fendt dealerships are now in 37 of the 54 U.S. states and Canadian provinces that are considered large ag markets, or 69% of all large ag markets.

“The Fendt dealership expansion is a clear sign of our continued commitment not only to growth in North America, but to an expanded group of customers who, when they learn why Fendt has such a dedicated fan base, will also want to be Fendt owners,” says Bob Crain, senior vice president and general manager, Americas, AGCO. “We are aggressively addressing the row crop segment in North America, which is very important because nearly 75% of North American farmers have row-crop conditions,” says Crain.

Expanding the Fendt Line

Fendt was founded in Germany in 1930 by Xaver Fendt and purchased by AGCO in 1997. Fendt tractors have been sold in North America since 1998. In 2019, AGCO launched the newly redesigned Fendt 900 tractor series. The 900 Series tractors are designed specifically to meet the needs of producers in North America and range from 296-415 horsepower.

Last year, the company introduced the Fendt IDEAL combine, which it calls “the first clean-sheet design for a combine in the ag industry in over 30 years.”

Earlier this year, AGCO debuted the Momentum planter in Brazil. It says it plans a North American launch in February 2020. The new planter is currently undergoing field trials in North America.

Fendt Firsts

The Fendt brand of tractors is well established in Europe. In 2018, CLIMMAR, a network of 16 national dealer associations across Europe, rated Fendt along with Kubota as the top tractor brands

In addition, AGCO claims several “firsts in agriculture” for its Fendt branded equipment.

  • The Dieselross F18, introduced in 1937, featured a travel-independent power-shift PTO, which meant the PTO didn’t stop when the operator stopped the tractor.
  • In 1980, Fendt introduced the 300 Farmer Series, the first tractor with a four-wheel braking system and a transport speed of 25 mph (40 km/h). All-wheel braking increases transport safety, while providing greater stopping power when transporting heavy loads, such as a manure tanker.
  • Fendt premiered the world’s first high horsepower tractor with a continuously variable transmission (CVT) stepless transmission, the 926 Vario, at Germany’s 1995 Agritechnica show. The Fendt Vario, as it was named, allows the operator to utilize the power reserves normally hidden in the areas between gears and select the most efficient speed for individual applications.
  • The Fendt 800 and 900 Vario tractors also introduced VarioGrip, the industry’s first integrated tire pressure regulation system that is adjusted from the cab. The reported benefits include less tire wear, lower rolling resistance, lower fuel costs, greater stability in the field and on the road, as well as the ability to minimize compaction in the field.

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