GVM, a manufacturer and distributor of agricultural sprayers and parts, has appointed Erech Pierson as general manager of GVM Illinois. The company also named Erin Hutchison as the company’s new marketing director.

Erech will lead the Illinois office as it works to strengthen business relationships, increase sales and ensure excellence in service.

According to GVM President Mark Anderson, the GVM Illinois location has dealt with various challenges. “The GVM Illinois location lost some good people and they’ve been struggling. Erech will ensure that the GVM way of doing business carries over to our Illinois operation,” says Anderson. GVM anticipates that the appointment of Erech marks what is to be the final transition since GVM acquired full ownership of what was Richland Sales nearly 3 years ago.

Taking over a company that has been plagued with changes is not a small task, but GVM is confident that Erech will be a key element to success at their Illinois location “We recognize that every part of the GVM Illinois team is vital to the total customer satisfaction package. We finally have a team in place that is going to carry us to the next level of service,” says Erech.

Hutchison is expected to bring fresh ideas, creative concepts, and a clear, focused strategy to the company. She says she will use use her experiences as an advertising coordinator and marketing analyst, with a focus on business, marketing, and quantitative management to build GVM’s brand and presence in the market.