Sydenstricker Nobbe Partners (SNP) announced the upcoming acquisition of Cazenovia Equipment. Family-owned SNP will manage all 10 Cazenovia Equipment locations in New York, currently owned by the Frazee family. SNP has previously only served customers in the Midwest, with all 28 additional locations in Illinois and Missouri.

“We are proud to share a legacy as family-owned businesses with the Cazenovia team and understand the value they’ve brought to the state,” said Ted Briscoe, SNP CEO. “Our mutual commitment to providing excellent customer service and outstanding parts and service will ensure the community’s needs are not only met but exceeded.”

Area leadership includes Jared Nobbe, who will serve as the area general manager for SNP. The Frazee family will stay involved to ensure a smooth transition alongside local SNP representatives.

“The SNP team have seen the ups and downs of this industry and are committed to the long-term success of the business and our customers,” said Mike Frazee, vice president of Cazenovia Equipment. “We are confident that the legacy we’ve built will continue in good hands.”

The transition will be made over several months to keep both employees’ and customers’ best interests at the forefront. Customers can expect the same family-run excellence in customer service with expanded investment in parts and equipment availability, service technician expertise and field support.

The acquisition is set to close on June 1, 2024 and is part of SNP’s larger initiative to scale its business. SNP is a family-owned, full-service John Deere dealer group. The Nobbe family has been in business for 117 years, while the Sydenstricker family has been in the John Deere business for over 80 years. Each family has fourth generation family members working in the business today. With this legacy of serving the agriculture community, they are dedicated to the communities they serve.

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