Terrakamp’s Nexat system generated tons of buzz with its Farm Progress Show debut over the summer. The company just announced a partnership with the EW Group, that will give EW Group a minority stake in Nexat. 

It’s another big step in the process of bringing this all-in-one machine to the market. The Nexat system has interchangeable implements for harvesting, spraying, planting, seeding and more. It can perform virtually any task on the farm and is designed to boost soil health by only compacting 5% of the field. The first Nexat system hit the field in Ukraine in 2017, and Germany a few years later, but Terrakamp president and CEO Joe Jandrisch tells us the U.S. is now the primary focus of product development.

“We planted this spring and did some ground prep. It’s so new, we’ve heard a lot of positive and negative things. That’s why we’re here. We need feedback from the best farmers. We’re not looking at all the farmers. We’re looking at the best 5%. That doesn’t mean the biggest 5%. We’re looking at people that are concerned with the quality of the soil, and multi-generational farmers.”

“It operates like a locomotive. It’s not a conventional tractor where you have an engine. We have two 550 hp engines that run the generator. The generator creates electricity. There are 4 generators. Each of those generators have a specific electric drive on the wheel. With that, we have a much more efficient method of running these implements. Immediate fuel savings of about 20%, compared to conventional methods.”

The system is being tested in Illinois and South Dakota. For more details on the Nexat system head to PrecisionFarmingDealer.com, type in Nexat in the search bar.