A massive “all-in-one” machine by NEXAT can handle every step in production agriculture autonomously, from soil cultivation and sowing to crop protection and harvesting.

The holistic crop production system is based on an interchangeable carrier vehicle. It drives horizontally on the field and vertically on roads. The technology needed for each step in production can be installed as a module on the machine, and the system can operate autonomously. The company says swapping modules can be done by one person in 10 minutes, with plans to automate this step in the future.

The system has working widths from about 19 feet to nearly 79 feet. An operator can monitor the machine working from a swiveling booth on the end of the system. The machine’s electric generators are powered by two 550 horsepower diesel engines, and the system is prepared for green hydrogen fuel cells. NEXAT says the all-in-one machine delivers 50% more power with 40% less weight.

The vehicle can be used for controlled traffic farming and is prepared for full autonomy because of its consistent working width. NEXAT says the machine won’t drive over 95% of the total arable area. The company translates the reduction in compaction to a possible 10-20% yield increase and a 20-50% increase in profitability for a grower.

Additional benefits to growers include soil improvement, CO2 savings and erosion reduction.

The system has been successfully used in crop production under real conditions for 3 years, including for corn, soybeans and sunflowers. It recently won a 2022 gold Agritechnica Innovation award.

NEXAT was founded in 2017 by Kalverkamp Innovation with help from other agricultural manufacturers, including Swedish ag equipment company Väderstad.

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