I remember first learning about Swiss Agtech company Ecorobotix and its precision spot-sprayer ARA at FIRA USA last fall. At the time, the company was looking to expand after selling out their sprayers in Europe in 2021. We’re seeing that vision play out, as the company has recently entered markets in Canada, South America, and now the U.S. Ecorobotix Americas Regional Manager Jose Marchetti shows us how ARA works.

“On each of the modules you have 2 very powerful computers with 3D sensors and cameras that take hundreds of pictures per second. The computers process those pictures, identify crops and weeds, and in only one-fourth of a second from taking the picture we can decide what nozzle we open and spray either fungicide, liquid fertilizer, herbicide or insecticide. We save up to 95% of chemicals, water and energy.” 

Ecorobotix will showcase ARA at the Farm Progress Show in Decatur next week. We’ll have updates on PrecisionFarmingDealer.com.