Precision Planting’s new sprayer technology ReClaim is officially available to buy in the U.S. and Canada.

We first learned about the product about a year ago at the company’s annual winter conference.

ReClaim is a boom recirculation system designed to make sure farmers get their boom fully primed with the right concentration of products without having to spray a drop of chemical on the ground, eliminating crop damage and hot spots at the edge of the field.

Precision Planting Marketing Specialist Andrew Feucht gives us a look at ReClaim, and two other sprayer products in the pipeline.

“This (ReClaim) is a retrofit product you can add to any sprayer. Another nice feature is you can do this with traditional nozzles you don’t have to have electronic nozzles for this system.

“Another product we’re showing here is Symphony. It’s a PWM controlled nozzle system. The idea behind this is to maintain droplet size and pressure as you change speeds and rate so that we always get a consistent pattern on the crop.

“Finally we’re looking at Vision, and this is probably the farthest product out as we look at the pipeline. What we’re looking at here is adding cameras to sprayers to do anything from guidance to weed detection to crop health detection. Hopefully adding the see and spray type technology to sprayers in the future.”

A limited number of ReClaim products will be available this fall at Precision Planting dealers in the U.S. and Canada.