Kubota Corporation announced Feb. 6 that it has taken a stake in Chouette, a startup in France. This AgTech company uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to analyze images captured by cameras to detect diseases and tree vigor and, based on the data analysis, creates the optimal spray volume of chemicals by unique algorithms.

  • As excessive use of agrochemicals can pollute soil, water, and the atmosphere, a target has been set to decrease the use of chemical pesticides by 50% in Europe by 2030, as part of an effort to reduce environmental impact and achieve sustainable food production.
  • In recent years, climate change has increased the occurrence of diseases in vineyards in Europe, which seriously impact the quality and yields of grapes.
  • Chouette offers a precision vineyard management solution. Chouette has developed unique AI and algorithms to analyze images taken from drones and sensors on tractors to detect diseases and tree vigor maps.
  • By applying its unique algorithms to the detected diseases spots tree vigor areas, Chouette is able to create prescription maps that once loaded in the machine, it can optimize the use of inputs. Using the map, growers can effectively prevent the spread of diseases and minimize the use of chemicals, thus reducing both the environmental impact and costs.
  • Through investment in promising startup, Kubota continues to develop advanced technologies for viticulture industry, in order to help farmers reduce environmental impact and improve the management of their business.

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