According to data from Axema, registration of "standard" tractors in France totaled 25,071 in 2022, a 2.2% year-over-year increase. Accounting for other categories of tractor registrations, such as landscaping and vineyard tractors, registrations were down 0.3% to 40,665.


By brand, John Deere remained the top brand in France last year, having 25.1% of all registrations for standard tractors. New Holland had the second-highest percentage of registrations at 13.4%, followed by Fendt at 12.9%. Lovol was the least registered brand with 0.2% of all 2022 registrations.


By horsepower, 100-149 horsepower had the most registrations among standard tractors at 9,750, followed by 150-199 horsepower with 7,799 registrations. The least popular horsepower category among standard tractors was those with 300 or more horsepower, with just 830 registrations in 2022.


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