According to a report from Observator, Kharkiv Tractor Plant, a Ukrainian tractor manufacturer that suffered bombing during the initial invasion of Ukraine, has announced it will move production to neighboring Romania.

The Kharkiv Tractor Plant had been destroyed on Feb. 28, 2022, as a result of bombing by Russian forces on the city of Kharkiv in eastern Ukraine.

According to the Kharkiv Tractor Plant’s website, it manufactures a XTZ series of wheeled tractors out of its Kharkiv facility, ranging from 180-250 horsepower depending on the model.

The website states the plant has produced over 2.5 million tractors since its founding in 1930, which it says have been “in great demand for decades not only in the territory of the former Soviet Union, but also in many countries of Europe, Asia and even Africa.”

The report from Observator quotes Factory Engineer Mihail Hrebenciuc as saying, "I am preparing the ground for moving the production to Romania, preparing the documents, the measurements, after which we will know concretely the next steps to make the actual transfer. Here is the land, here will be the construction. It takes about 4,000 meters for the tractor factory and about 1,500-2,000 meters for the machine factory."

The report states the company produces around 300 250-horsepower tractors a year and that its XT3 tractor, which normally costs around $73,000, will likely go down in price.

Tractor production in Ukraine has declined in recent years. Reportedly, just 827 tractors were produced in Ukraine in 2020, down 74.9% from 3,295 tractors produced in 2017.