According to a Feb. 28, 2022, report from Agroportal24h, the Kharkiv Tractor Plant, a manufacturer of wheeled and track-type tractors, has been destroyed and “engulfed in fire” by “massive shelling” from Russian forces in the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv. The report stated the city of Kharkiv was likely targeted for bombing “because it is the second most populous city in Ukraine, one of the largest industrial centers and the main center of the Ukrainian military industry.” Quotes from the article, originally written in Czech, were automatically translated to English by Google and are written here as they appeared.

Several videos of a large fire have been posted online claiming to show the Kharkiv Tractor Plant, but Ag Equipment Intelligence was unable to independently confirm what building was shown in the videos.

According to the Kharkiv Tractor Plant’s website, it manufactures a XTZ series of wheeled tractors out of its Kharkiv facility, ranging from 180-250 horsepower depending on the model.

The website states the plant has produced over 2.5 million tractors since its founding in 1930, which it says have been “in great demand for decades not only in the territory of the former Soviet Union, but also in many countries of Europe, Asia and even Africa.”

Ag Equipment Intelligence reached out to Kharkiv Tractor Factory through contact information on their website but did not receive a response. There have been no reports on whether anyone was injured in the bombing.

The factory was being revived with fresh investment in resources and product improvements following a torrid period of declining sales in the early to mid-2000s that led to repeated shut-downs.

The Ukraine government sold its near-30% stake as part of a widespread sell-off of businesses to private enterprise, and in 2016 it was wholly acquired from near liquidation by local investor and long-time shareholder Oleksandr Yaroslavskyi through his DCH Investment Management business.

According to DCH, the plant supports another 300 Ukraine enterprises supplying components and services for production of 50-100 units a month, plus vehicles for municipal services and a selection of agricultural implements.
Tractor production in Ukraine has declined over the years. Reportedly, just 827 tractors were produced in Ukraine in 2020, down 74.9% from 3,295 tractors produced in 2017.