Each August, the Economic Research Service (ERS) produces and publishes estimates of the (farm sector) cash receipts — the cash income the farm sector receives from agricultural commodity sales — from the prior year. These data include State-level estimates, which can help offer background information about States subject to unexpected changes that may affect the agricultural sector, such as the current COVID-19 shelter-in-place restrictions in New York and other States.

In 2018, U.S. cash receipts for all commodities totaled $373 billion. New York contributed about 1% ($5 billion) of that total, ranking 27th among all States. Receipts from milk accounted for the largest share of cash receipts in New York, at 49% ($2.5 billion). The State ranked third in milk cash receipts behind California and Wisconsin, accounting for 7% of milk cash receipts nationwide. New York also ranked third in apple cash receipts behind Washington and Michigan, accounting for 9% ($262 million) of apple cash receipts nationwide and 5% of New York’s total cash receipts.

Receipts for corn and cattle/calves each accounted for 7% of the State’s total cash receipts. Although contributing a smaller amount to total cash receipts in the State, nationwide New York accounted for 18% ($26 million) of maple products receipts, 13% ($53 million) of cabbage receipts and 13% ($24 million) squash receipts. This chart uses State-level data from the ERS data product Farm Income and Wealth Statistics, updated February 2020.