The most recent Crop Progress report from USDA reported 67% of corn had been planted as of the week ended May 10. This far exceeds the 28% planted in the same week last year. Progress also exceeded the 56% planted five year average. Frontrunners in corn planting for the week were Iowa at 91% and Minnesota and North Carolina at 89%.

Corn emergence was at 24%, above the 9% reported this time last year and above the five year average of 22%. States leading in corn emergence were North Carolina at 72% and Texas at 70%.

Soybean planting reached 38%, well ahead of the 8% planted this time last year and surpassing the 23% planted five year average. Leading states were Iowa at 71% soybeans planted, Louisiana at 68% and and Minnesota at 57%.

Soybean emergence reached 7% in the week ended May 10, from none reported in the previous week. This surpasses the 1% of soybeans emerged this time last year and the five year average of 4%. Louisiana reported 46% of its soybeans emerged and Mississippi reported 29% emerged.

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