The corn maturation rate continues to lag behind both last year’s progress (99%) and the 5 year average (97%) at just 86% as of Oct. 21, up 13% from the 73% reported last week. Wisconsin remains the most behind at 61% of their corn crop said to be mature.

Reports of corn harvest continue to rise but still remain behind. This week, 30% of corn was reported harvested by the USDA, up 8% from last week, but well below the 48% reported this time last year and the 47% 5 year average.

Corn crop condition remained almost completely unchanged from last week, where the percentage of corn crops reported as “good” changed from 44% to 45%. All in all, 45% of corn crops were reported as “good” and 11% were reported as “excellent.”

Soybeans are starting to creep up to last year’s numbers in several categories. The percentage of soybean crops dropping leaves reached 94% this week, up 9% from last week and only 4% below where percentages were this time last year. The 5 year average for soybeans dropping leaves by Oct. 21 is 97%.

Soybeans harvested also closed the gap some over the week, with 46% of soybean crops being harvested as of Oct. 21. This is up 20% from last week, coming in slightly below last year’s numbers at 51% and still behind the 5 year average of 64%. The state closest to being done with its soybean harvest is Louisiana at 94% harvested, while North Dakota came in as the farthest behind with 20% harvested.

Soybean crop condition remained completely unchanged from last week, with 45% of soybean crops reported as “good” and 9% reported as “excellent.” This comes in below last year’s reports of 48% “good” and 18% “excellent.”