Marion Equipment, located in Marion, N.C., has announced that will it go out of business by the end of this month. The last day is Friday, Jan. 30.

Since the early 1950s, Marion Equipment has sold different kinds of farm and construction equipment including tractors, excavators, agricultural machinery and large riding mowers. The business was started by Frank Queen on East Court Street around 1951 or 1952. He retired in 1998 and his son Bruce Queen has continued the business. In recent years, Marion Equipment has focused on selling tractors, farm implements and lawn mowers, especially commercial types. The business on Rutherford Road has dealt in a lot of products made by Kubota.

Now, Bruce Queen, the owner and manager, says he is ready to retire too.
“I’ve been here 47 years,” he said. “I just turned 65 and I’m ready to do something else.”

Marion Equipment has seven employees, including Queen. He’s tried to sell the business but has not been able to find a new owner for it. On Monday, Queen said he’s got a couple of prospective owners who may be interested in taking it over. But if that doesn’t happen, then the business will be closed for good by the end of this month.

Marion Equipment won’t have a “going out of business” sale. The tractors and mowers will be picked up by the manufacturers if a new owner doesn’t step forward in the near future, said Queen.

The buildings and land are owned by Matt Smith, said Queen. “We’ve been leasing this all these years,” he added. “We don’t own this.”

“Nothing lasts forever and I’m ready to retire,” said Queen.