The Aug. 4 Crop Progress report from USDA indicates that the percentage of corn acres silking grew by 20% in the past week, from 58% to 78% as of last Sunday, but it still remains far behind the 95% last year the 5 year average of 93% for this date.

Corn doughing came in at 23% on Aug. 4, but it, too, is lagging behind 54% for last year and the 5 year average 42%.

Condition of this year’s corn crop slipped 1% compared to a week earlier. Currently, 57% of this year’s corn crop is rated as “good” (47%; same as last week) and “excellent” (10%; down 1% from previous week).

USDA estimates that 72% of soybean acres are blooming. This compares with 91% a year ago and the 5 year average of 87%. Only 37% of soybeans are setting pods. This is far behind last year when 73% of soybeans were at this stage and the 5 year average of 63%.

Currently, 54% of soybeans are rated as “good” (45%) and “excellent” (9%), which is identical to their condition during the previous week. Last year on this date, 67% of the soybean crop was rated “good” (51%) and “excellent” (16%).