The June 30 Crop Progress report did not include corn planted numbers, so it appears that all the corn that will be planted has been planted. A week earlier, USDA reported that 96% of corn acres were in the ground.

This week, the ag agency is reporting that 94% of the corn planted has emerged. This compares with 89% a week ago, 100% a year ago and the 5 year average for this date of 100% of corn emerged.

As for the condition of this year’s corn crop, 56% is said to be “good” (47%) and “excellent” (9%) condition. The only a slight change, this essentially the same condition reported the previous week (48% “good” and 8% “excellent”). But it’s significantly below the condition of the crop from a year ago on this date when 71% of crop acres were reported to be in “good” (55%) and “excellent” (21%) condition. 

It is estimated the 92% of soybeans had been planted as of last Sunday (June 30). This compares with 85% the week before and 100% for this date in 2018. The 5 year average for this date is 99% of soybean acres in the ground.

Soybean emergence continues to lag overall. USDA estimates that 83% of soybean have emerged vs. 71% the previous week and 98% the previous year. The 5 year average is 95% for this date.

Generally, 54% of soybeans are said to be in “good” (47%) and “excellent” (7%) condition, which is no change from the previous week. Some 35% are reportedly in “fair” condition. A year earlier, 71% of soybean acres were rated as “good” (55%) and “excellent” (16%). About 23% of soybeans are estimated to be in “fair” condition at this point.