California Shortline Report 2020

Shortline Farm Equipment in California: Market Potential for Manufacturers (PDF)


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California is one of the most unique states in the U.S. for agriculture. In addition to generating more agricultural sales in 2018 ($42.6 billion) than any other state, California grows over 400 crops, touting some of the most impressive diversity in commodities seen in the U.S. Between these two factors, a significant market for shortline equipment has evolved, with many brands focusing on highly niche equipment designed for specialty crops like almonds, lettuce, tomatoes, etc. 

In this report, the editors of Ag Equipment Intelligence have delved into what it means to enter the California ag equipment market as a shortline manufacturer, examining what tools and knowledge are required to not just survive but thrive in its diverse market. 

The objective of this report is to create a “how to” guide for shortline manufacturers not yet operating within California and give them a roadmap to success.

Some highlights from the report include:

Part 1: Introduction to California Agriculture

This section examines the data behind why California is such an agricultural powerhouse, including its top commodities, data on farm size, an examination of key commodity acreage over the last 20 years and more.

Part 2: The Dealer Perspective

This section features dealer interviews and data compiled by Ag Equipment Intelligence about what dealers are looking for in their shortlines and what they’ve learned shortline manufacturers need to succeed in California.

Part 3: The Manufacturer Perspective

Here, shortline manufacturers of agricultural equipment from within California and Europe give their boots-on-the-ground thoughts on what they’ve learned from operating in the state, how they conduct their business and what incoming manufacturers need to know.

Part 4: Distribution in California

This section focuses specifically on the three ways that distribution of ag equipment in California can be accomplished, including manufacturer opinions and experiences on what works best.

This report also includes a list of dealers in California (that is continuously updated), as well as a list of distributors and manufacturer reps who specialize in farm machinery operating in the state of California.



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