For over 100 years Wade Inc. has met the needs of farmers across the Delta.

In honor of National Agriculture Week, Clarksdale Store Manager Powell Litton sat down to discuss the company and some of the newer projects Wade Inc. is embarking on.

G. A. Wade, Litton’s great-grandfather, started the company in 1909 as Wade Hardware Store in Greenwood.

“We were a John Deere dealer from day one,” Litton said.

In 1962 the company changed its name to Wade and has since opened seven locations.

While Wade specializes in new and used John Deere farm equipment, they also carry other equipment brands.

One project Wade Inc. has already tackled is that of John Deere’s feature satellite guidance.

“We have tower networks setup throughout the Delta,” Litton said.

Litton says the 198 foot towers enable satellites to help guide tractors in the field with an accuracy of one inch – or sub-inch direction navigation.

Litton is quick to point out this does not mean a driver is not needed.

“There could always be obstacles in the way,” Litton says. “But he does not have to touch the steering wheel otherwise.”

Another feature some of the equipment sold at Wade has is the electronic “error code.”

Litton says this feature is comparable to the electronic system in cars. If there is a problem with the equipment, an error code is given telling the service department what exactly is wrong.

Because of the satellite aspect of this feature, if a tractor is in the field and a problem occurs, the system will email Wade’s service manager and let them know the error code in advance.

In January 2011, John Deere will add another feather in its cap – Interim Tier 4.

“Interim Tier 4 is a government mandated requirement,” Litton said. “And it is good for the environment.”

This requirement involves engine emissions.

Litton explains Interim Tier 4 is based on a particular matter in the exhaust consisting of carbon monoxides, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides.

According to Litton, Interim Tier 4 will provide a 90 percent reduction in particulate matter and 50 percent in NOx, where Tier 3 only has 65 percent reductions.

The last tier will be introduced in 2015 – Tier 4 Final. Tier 4 Final will have near-zero levels.

Litton, 32, is proud of his family’s dedication to advancing farm equipment.

His brother, Wade Litton, 29, is the store manager in Greenwood and his father, Bill Litton is the president of the company.

From the sales department to the service department, Wade carries its 100 plus years in serving farmers.