We’ve covered autonomy extensively here in the Technology Corner. We’ve seen retrofit kits used for mowing and tillage, but what about planting cover crops? Jake Warford, precision specialist with Linco-Precision in Nokomis, Ill., tell us they’re just scratching the surface when it comes to implementing autonomy in their customers’ operations.

“Currently their big focus is on the sod market. It’s very labor intensive. There’s a lot of mowing that has to be done multiple times a week over large acreage. But I think there are a lot of more row crop type applications that are going to be beneficial. I think there are going to be big opportunities in fertilizer and lime spreading. I think cover crop planting is going to be big. I used ours last year to sow some cover crops and wheat. The opportunities are kind of endless. Anywhere you can make it work, I think there’s an application for it.”

Warford and Linco-Precision offer the Sabanto autonomy kit. Warford says Sabanto’s philosophy has been, “crawl, walk, run.” He says right now they’re probably walking.