As a relative newcomer to the American farm equipment scene, Reichhardt Electronic Innovations general manager Jayme Paquin has been busy signing up dealerships for products such as its Ultra Guidance PSR ISO-compatible automatic steering system.

The U.S. sales and support office was founded in 2006 by German vehicle electronics specialist Reichhardt GmbH.

“Precision technology is in high demand right now, so we are actually being sought out by farm equipment dealers,” says Paquin. Reichhardt doesn’t offer exclusivity in terms of dealers. “I am a firm believer that it’s a customer’s decision who they want to do business with.”

When looking to add a new dealer, Paquin first looks for a general reference. “The ag community is relatively small, and you can find out a lot that way about a particular business.”

He works to find out who has done business with the operation and the level of satisfaction they have had, how they support the iron they sell, how they plan to sell and support electronics.