This week we’re spotlighting a product that saved growers an average of 42 pounds of nitrogen per acre. It’s called N-Time from Sentinel Fertigation. Company founder Jackson Stansell shows us how it works. 

“It’s really tailored to those who are applying fertilizer in season. What we do is we ingest satellite imagery from two difference sources. We primarily rely on near daily satellite imagery from Planet. We analyze that satellite imagery to isolate the impact of nitrogen on yield potential, quantify a nitrogen sufficiency index that puts a number on nitrogen and ultimately provides a 7-day crop demand for nitrogen outlook. We then turn those into recommendations to either apply or not apply more nitrogen fertilizer, provide a rate prescription for the application to make it tailored to your crops’ actual yield potential in season. We don’t require yield goals, we don’t require estimated nitrogen apply. This software has been proven to improve nitrogen use efficiency by 25% vs. what farmers are doing today, giving great opportunities for profit and productivity improvement.”

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