We’ve seen several colleges offer more precision-focused training courses and learning opportunities for ag students recently. But one school in the south is taking it to a whole new level. 

Mississippi State University opened a brand-new Agricultural Autonomy Institute in Starkville. It will serve as an on-campus hub for research in robotics, AI, remote sensing and more. The research infrastructure includes a 4,800 square-foot laboratory space and an “Autonomous Acres” proving ground that stretches 5 acres. It’s a big step for the future of precision ag in the classroom and beyond.

“We want to attract agricultural equipment companies to Mississippi. We want to conduct research that leads to technology-based startup companies. We want to develop a new workforce that will have the ability to work in this new world of robotics, mechatronics and computer coding, whether that be on farm, manufacturing, distribution or service. I really hope to see Mississippi become the Silicon Valley of agricultural autonomy.”

This has been in the works for quite some time at Mississippi State. A team of approximately 40 researchers across campus established an ag autonomy working group several months ago.  They’ve already used robots to autonomously harvest cotton. Learn more about it at PrecisionFamringDealer.com.