Updated Oct. 31, 2023

JFCV, a division of Jandrisch Family Capital Ventures Corp. in Bellevue, Wash., says prior to the investment of EW Group, JFCV was the largest investor in Nexat through its Terrakamp initiative. With this transaction, JFCV transferred all its shares in the company to EW Group.

Agricultural machinery manufacturer NEXAT announced a partnership with EW Group, an international family-owned holding company with subsidiaries in the life sciences sector. NEXAT says the partnership will further expand its commitment to sustainable, innovative and efficient agricultural technology.

Klemens Kalverkamp, managing director of NEXAT, says that the association with EW Group and its record of developing innovative companies “is excellent news for our customers, partners and employees.”

EW Group will receive a minority stake as part of the transaction, NEXAT says. No other financial details were disclosed.

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