Kenn-Feld Group and TTG Equipment will merge as TRULAND Equipment, the CEOs of the two companies announced Wednesday. The equal merger of the two John Deere Dealer groups is scheduled to occur on Aug. 21, 2023.

This move brings together eighteen John Deere locations across Indiana and Ohio. TRULAND Equipment will also offer new opportunities to their employees with increased scale.

“This partnership was a several-year process, and we took our time to make sure this was a good fit for our two companies as well as for our customers,” says CEO of Kenn-Feld Group, Tom Burenga. “By combining our experience and capabilities, we are building a stronger organization that is better positioned to thrive while offering an expanded product portfolio to our customers.”

TRULAND Equipment will continue to serve its customers in all eighteen of its locations in the region.

CEO of TTG Equipment, Jameson Ringger, emphasized that TRULAND will stay focused on maintaining a local feel and a relationship-based business model. “We are two local companies joining together into one local company. While the name on the sign will change, the team will not. We are dedicated to cultivating lasting relationships with our customers, providing new opportunities for;our employees, and investing in our community. This move is a win for all three.”