According to a June 12 article from Farmers Weekly, Scot JCB ranks as the largest UK dealer with $222.4 million in annual 2021 revenue, which operates out of 13 ag equipment locations across the UK and Scotland.

The second-largest dealership by 2021 revenue was Claas UK's dealerships at $220.4 million, made up of 7-store Claas Eastern ($80.4 million), 7-store Claas Manns ($90.7 million) and 4-store Claas Western ($49.3 million).

The third-largest was New Holland dealer TH White Group at $190.7 million. TH White Group has 9 locations that sell ag equipment.

Among the top 15 largest dealers in the UK, 3 are AGCO dealers, 1 is a Case IH dealer, 7 are John Deere dealers, 4 are New Holland Dealers and 2 are JCB dealers.

UK's 15 Largest Ag Equipment Dealers by 2021 Revenue
Rank Dealer Brands 2021 Revenue ($ in millions)
1 Scot JCB JCB, Massey Ferguson $222.7
2 Claas UK* Claas $220.4
3 TH White Group New Holland $190.7
4 Farol John Deere $183.2
5 Ernest Doe & Sons New Holland, Case IH $181.2
6 Ripon Farm Services** John Deere $167.1
7 Chandlers*** Fendt, Massey Ferguson, Valtra $162.7
8 Lloyd New Holland $146.0
9 Ben Burgess**** John Deere $142.4
10 Hunt Forest Group John Deere $129.5
11 P Tuckwell John Deere $118.4
12 Russells New Holland $115.6
13 Rea Valley Tractors***** John Deere, JCB $110.1
14 Cornthwaite John Deere $105.0
15 Thurlow Nunn Standen Fendt, Massey Ferguson, Valtra $88.9
Note: revenue period covers September to March year-ends.
* Claas UK wholly owned retail dealerships comprise Claas Eastern $80.4 million, Claas Manns $90.7 million and Claas Western $49.3 million.
** Ripon Farm Machinery has since acquired groundcare equipment dealer FG Adamson (January 2023).
*** Chandlers has since acquired Massey Ferguson dealers Keith Davies Agricultural (May 2023) and Ross Farm Machinery (February 2023), which added JCB in the West Midlands and Cotswolds area.
**** Ben Burgess has since acquired John W Doubleday (November 2022).
***** Rea Valley Tractors has since switched from John Deere to New Holland (November 2022).
Source: Farmers Weekly

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