For more than 45 years, Équipements G. Gagnon, a multi generational family-owned and operated equipment dealership in Canada, has steadily grown their business to become one of the leading tractor and farm equipment distributors in Québec. Founded in 1966 by Germain Gagnon, the dealership today is run by his sons Yvon and Jean. Équipements G. Gagnon's has become a popular dealership among tractor and farm equipment buyers because of their broad range of high-quality products and steadfast commitment to customer service.

Yvon and Jean Gagnon stand in front of one of their popular KIOTI Tractors.

Their dealership however, did not always have two locations and the depth of products offered today. After starting the business as a small garage specializing in auto mechanics in Maskinonge in 1966, Germain Gagnon noticed an increasing demand for agricultural equipment in the area. To fill this need, he opened a second location in 1974 in Saint-Thomas de Joliette. An increasing demand for tractors of all sizes, implements and attachments and other similar equipment necessitated that Équipements G. Gagnon expand the product types and lines offered to their customer base at each location.

Critical to expansion of their equipment lines was the formation of a partnership with KIOTI Tractor in 2002. "Taking on the KIOTI line has really helped us to grow our business," states Gagnon. "It was a strong business decision to forge a partnership with KIOTI. The quality of their product is outstanding and their line of tractors in the 22-90 horsepower class fit a popular niche with our customer base. KIOTI's Industry Leading 4-Year Warranty was paramount in our decision to take on KIOTI's product line. Very few manufacturers are willing to offer that type of comprehensive warranty. KIOTI is able to because they manufacture every major component on their tractor and can therefore stand behind its overall quality and construction."

Quality has always been important to Équipements G. Gagnon, even before taking on the KIOTI line. "Since the start of our business, we have always placed a huge emphasis on quality customer service. All of our employees understand that providing excellent service to the customer before, during and after the sale is an underlying goal of our dealership and one of the primary reasons we've been successful. It is a point of honor among our staff to continue this tradition. Our repeat business is very high, which is due to the ongoing loyalty of our customers. We would not have this level of loyalty if we did not provide quality products and services."

Équipements G. Gagnon's repair services at their locations in Joliette and Maskinonge are highly respected and sought after by equipment owners. "All of our technicians undergo rigorous training on an annual basis to stay on top of the most recent tractor and equipment technologies. We pride ourselves in providing this ongoing, quality training to our employees so that we can continue to provide a solid level of technical knowledge and service capabilities to our growing customer base."

Équipements G. Gagnon has come a long way since starting with KIOTI in 2002. Today, they are not only one of KIOTI's leading dealers, but have also been consistently named a KIOTI Million Dollar Dealer. They earned this accolade in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 and are on pace to earn it in 2011 as well. In addition to being named a million dollar dealer, they have been named a KIOTI 5-Paw Dealer every year since the program's inception. 5-Paw Dealerships are those KIOTI dealers who demonstrate a high level of customer service and satisfaction, maintain a strong market share in their designated area, effectively market the product to potential buyers and maintain their facility in a manner conducive to establishing a pleasurable customer experience.

"We have really grown our business since adding the KIOTI product line," states Gagnon. "We love that KIOTI is constantly expanding their product offerings. Most recently they have added an expanded line of implements and attachments and a UTV which has quickly gained popularity with our customers. We are really looking forward to the introduction of a subcompact tractor in the near future. KIOTI's expansion into this market will allow us to offer our customers a larger depth of product, particularly to first time tractor buyers."

Équipements G. Gagnon's two locations are centralized mid-way between the Trois-Rivieres and Montreal along Highway 40, the point of convergence of all major roadways in Quebec, making them convenient to customers traveling from all directions.

Équipements G. Gagnon is one of KIOTI's leading and most successful dealerships in Canada. It is for this reason that KIOTI has elected to spotlight them as a standout dealer. Visit or call Équipements G. Gagnon today to test drive a KIOTI Tractor or UTV or to learn more about KIOTI products at one of their two locations in Joliette (877-756-2479) or Maskinonge (800-358-2245). Or, visit their website at