Tyres International, a Mahansaria Tyres Private Limited (MTPL) subsidiary, will be operating under the trade name Ascenso Tires North America. Since its acquisition by MTPL in 2021, Tyres International has been the exclusive importer of the Ascenso brand to the U.S. and Canada. Moving to Ascenso Tires North America trade name reflects the company’s growth in the last two years since the tie up with Mahansaria Tyres Private Limited and its strategic plan and investment to become a leading tire manufacturer.

Mahansaria Tyres Private Limited acquired Tyres International to bring Ascenso’s innovative and extensive product range of tires to their customers in North America. Ascenso provides tires for the following key global segments: Agriculture, Industrial & Construction, Earth Mover, Material Handling and Forestry. They have added more than 350 tire sizes to their portfolio over the last year, offering a wide range of tires across the applications and customizing solutions to suit specific customer requirements or applications.

Yogesh Mahansaria, Founder of MTPL, says, "Since the acquisition, synergies between both the companies worked well and helped both the companies to grow rapidly. While MTPL has benefited from the distribution expertise & U.S. tyre market presence of Tyres International, on the other hand, the Tyres International customers have got an opportunity and assurance as they could get direct quality products supplied from the manufacturer (MTPL). For the last two years, Ascenso has been one of the fastest-growing tyre brands across the world. This will certainly help the newly announced Ascenso Tires North America to further strengthen Tyres International's position in the U.S. and Canadian markets."

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