A close working relationship between OEMs and their dealers results in success for the companies and their customers.

Iowa-based independent precision dealer Youngblut Ag carries several lines of Yetter row cleaners, harvest equipment and closing wheels.

Pete Youngblut, the dealership’s owner and operator, says there are times when he has a particular product line in mind for a customer but identifies some hangups.

That’s when he reaches out to Andy Thompson, territory/AOR Manager at Yetter, to explain the customer’s situation and brainstorm solutions. After what’s usually a lengthy conversation, they identify the best option for the customer and strengthen the relationship among all parties.

“When we look at the retail customer, bringing the farmer in with that, we tend to have a pretty strong bond. People working with people all the way down to that retail customer,” Thompson says.

“For me in the business, Andy has been a phenomenal asset,” Youngblut adds. “There’s nothing better for the end user than knowing that ‘Hey, I’m working with this independent dealer, and he’s got backing all the way up to the manufacturer.”

Youngblut says selling turns into a byproduct with this approach — as the focus is on building the relationship with the customer and showing them that the dealer and manufacturer have their best interest in mind.

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