Buhler Industries Inc. continues to strongly oppose the decisions of the Russian Federation and stands with the people of Ukraine. In light of the current situation, the Company has made several changes to the Board of Directors to align the organization with the values of the Canadian-based leadership team. 

The Board of Directors has accepted the resignation of Konstanin Babkin. Babkin has been a vocal supporter of the actions taken by the Russian Federation. These views are in stark contrast to those of the North American executive team and do not reflect the position or values of Buhler Industries. He will be replaced by Adam Reid, currently the vice president of sales and marketing. Reid has over 15 years of experience with the company and has been pivotal in recent growth, building trust and relationships with the Versatile dealer network.

Grant Adolph, P.Mgr., has been appointed Chairman of the Board of Buhler Industries. Adolph is currently a member of the Board and Chief Operating Officer. He has been with the company since 1975 and has held various roles in product development, engineering, production and management.

Ossama AbouZeid, PhD, MBA has been appointed as a Director on the Board and Chairman of the Audit Committee. AbouZeid has prior experience having served as President and Chief Financial Officer of Buhler Industries. AbouZeid has served on a number of boards in the past and has an excellent understanding of the Company's products, markets and overall operations. AbouZeid is replacing John Buhler who has decided to retire. We thank Mr. Buhler, who has served on the board since the formation of Buhler Industries, a Company that he started, for his years of dedicated service.

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