Titan International, Inc. and Kubota Tractor Corp./Kubota Canada Ltd. have entered into an exclusivity agreement on select sizes of Titan’s new Trac Loader II tires for compact and utility tractor models used in residential, commercial, agricultural and light construction applications. This innovative tire, branded with Titan and Kubota both displayed on the sidewall of the tire, will bring new value to Titan and Kubota customers.

Paul Reitz, president and chief executive officer commented, “We’re excited to launch this innovative tire into the market that will perform well in diverse applications and do so with both the Titan and Kubota brands being represented. We have had a strong, long-standing relationship with Kubota and enjoy collaborating with their development teams. The Trac Loader II is a first for Titan as an OEM branded tire product in this space, but our second exclusivity agreement together with Kubota. Previously, Titan and Kubota partnered on the Goodyear R14T crossover tires, which was the first-time Kubota entered into an exclusivity agreement with a tire manufacturer.”

Before entering into agreement with Titan, Kubota conducted testing on the new Trac Loader II. In addition to the improved cleanout, the tire proved to have outstanding stability and durability, along with better roading capabilities resulting from an upgraded center lug.