According to the latest Crop Progress report from USDA, 90% of corn has been planted as of the week ended May 23. This surpasses the 80% reported planted in the previous week and the 87% reported planted in the same week last year. The 5-year average planting rate for this week was 80%.

Some 64% of corn was reported emerged in the same report, above both the 41% emerged last year and the 61% emerged in the week prior. The 5-year average emergence rate for this week was 54%.

USDA also reported 75% of soybeans have been planted, an increase from the 63% planted by this point last year. This also surpasses the 54% 5-year average.

According to the report, 41% of soybeans have emerged, above the 33% reported emerged in the same week last year. The 5-year average for soybean emergence in this week was 25%.

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