When Witmers in Columbiana, Ohio, hosts a clinic, it does its best to ensure the day is free of distractions — for both the customers and the staff. One way they do this is by holding the clinic down the road from the dealership at a local hotel in town. “That way we don’t have to deal with the telephones and distractions,” says Scott Highfield, sales manager.

Witmers transports the equipment to the hotel and they hold the walk-around portion out in the parking lot. The hotel has a large meeting room that is used for classroom presentations. During the morning classroom portion, Highfield says they pass out handouts and fact sheets, use PowerPoint presentations and pass around certain items from the combine.

He says customers don’t seem to mind that the event is held away from the dealership due to the proximity. “They don’t seem to mind because it’s a relaxed atmosphere and we’re within two miles of the dealership,” he says.