Agrisolutions has acquired Lundtek, Inc. (Lund Industrial Group, Lund Engineered Products Division and Lund Coating Technologies) in Holly Springs, Miss. The Acquisition was closed on Feb. 19, and Lund will now join as one of the business units in North America.

Lund, with operations headquartered in Holly Springs, Miss., provides extended life solutions for agricultural and industrial parts and components, pertaining to wear applications. Lund is also firmly established as a prominent supplier of cutting components to the U.S. agricultural market. They extend their breadth of product applications to industries that include – Agricultural harvesting equipment, crop movement equipment and tillage tools, lawn and garden equipment, golf and turf management, construction, mining and railroad equipment.

As a part of their extended life solutions, Lund applies treatments of Tungsten carbide thermal spray-and-fuse coatings, welded inlays, laser clad hard facing, plasma transfer arc (PTA) deposited coatings, high velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF) deposited coatings and proprietary techniques that include Wear-Tuff sintered-and-fused abrasion resistant coatings.

Agrisolutions is a global manufacturer of wear parts, components, accessories and solutions for tillage, seeding, planting, harvesting and fertilizing for farm equipment OEMs and after-market suppliers. Agrisolutions brands include, Bellota, Ingersoll, Trinity Logistics as well as German harvesting guard manufacturer, Carl Sülberg. Agrisolutions Wear Technologies possesses extended life solutions including CADEN Edge in addition to Lund.

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