Today, Ag-Pro Companies announced the acquisition of GreenSouth Equipment, marking a significant geographic expansion that will allow the company to serve all market segments, from the consumer to the corporate farms. The combined company will have more than $500 million in annualized sales and employ more than 500 people. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

The joining of these two companies will provide additional John Deere expertise to small business and enterprise farmers throughout the South. Ag-Pro Companies, which is primarily focused on large-scale farmers, will maintain the focus GreenSouth has had on its diverse customer base of large and small farmers, commercial landscaping companies, and residential and utility vehicle customers.

Kim Jones, president and chairman of GreenSouth Equipment, said, “Combining our 13 dealerships with Ag-Pro’s strong agricultural base brings together expertise and geographic reach that will benefit all our customers, employees, stockholders, and the communities we serve. A new era in agriculture is coming as new technologies are available to farmers and ownership of land moves more towards large corporate farms. Dealerships must adapt quickly and we believe this combination of our businesses will enable our teams to prepare for the changes ahead so we can better serve our customers.”

James Groover, CEO of Ag-Pro Companies, said, "Since 1958, we have developed a loyal customer base by providing superior service to all customer segments. With this acquisition, we will implement our service based business model while leveraging our newfound buying power in order to offer more competitive prices to all customers.” Commenting on how the acquisition will enhance Ag-Pro, Groover stated, “The new geographic reach and diversity of market segments we now serve will greatly enhance the growth potential of our company.”

About GreenSouth Equipment

GreenSouth Equipment is a John Deere dealer organization with 13 locations throughout Georgia, Florida and South Carolina. The company provides a wide range of John Deere agricultural equipment including John Deere tractors, planting and seeding equipment, harvesting equipment, turf equipment, and Gator utility vehicles. The company was founded in 1971 as Jones Tractor Company in Thomasville, Ga. Through the years, the Jones family and its business partners grew the business to include dealerships in Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina. The business was renamed GreenSouth in 2005.

About Ag-Pro Companies

Ag-Pro is short for Agricultural Productivity Companies and was first used by the Frank Lyon Company in 1981 after the purchase of three John Deere dealerships in Arkansas. In September 2010, partners from the Boston Tractor group, established 1958 in Georgia, acquired Ag-Pro, thereby improving the level of service and dealership performance offered to customers. Ag-Pro’s acquisition of GreenSouth Equipment in 2013 provides a total of 25 locations to better serve its customers, stronger buying power, a larger selection, and lower prices.

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