Mendocino, Calif. — Solectrac, Inc., manufacturer and distributor of electric farm and utility tractors launched its equity crowd funding campaign on Start Engine.

Solectrac is currently selling a 30 horsepower 4WD compact electric tractor and a 40 horsepower utility tractor while developing its eFarmer model for row crops and a 70 horsepower model for more demanding tasks. According to the company, these units are built to be used anywhere diesel tractors currently function, including small farms, vineyards, greenhouses and livestock operations, as well as for park maintenance.

Solectrac's battery packs can be charged from the electric grid or directly from renewable energy sources, such as solar, wind or micro hydro to eliminate GHG emissions and fossil fuel use, the company said. The battery can also provide power during utility interruptions and offers a convenient back up to run essential loads in homes, clinics, schools and emergency shelters.

Solectrac was nominated for Innovator of the Year 2019 at the Canada Farm Progress Show in Regina, Canada and received the 2019 Innovation Award from Escorts of India.