Saskatoon, Sask. — Golden Opportunities Fund, a Saskatchewan local investment fund, is pleased to announce its recent investment in Degelman Industries, which was completed in syndication with the Westcap MBO II Investment. Both funds are managed by Westcap Mgt.

Founded in 1962, Regina-based Degelman is widely recognized for the design and manufacturing of equipment for the agricultural and industrial sectors. Degelman designs, manufactures and sells over 50 products across the globe through a network of dealers in Canada, U.S., Russia, Australia, Germany, Kazakhstan, South Africa and Ukraine.

Degelman has grown to 269 employees, including a management team which collectively have more than a century of expertise and success and are now part of the ownership group. Degelman’s Regina-based head office of approximately 169,000 square feet of space includes a manufacturing facility, as well as a research and development facility and design team.

Today, Degelman's facilities produce rock pickers, tillage equipment, landrollers, heavy harrows and bulldozer blades.

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