According to a July 22 letter from the Agricultural Manufacturers of Canada (AMC) Chairperson Richelle Andreas, Executive Director Steve McCabe and Manager of Marketing and Communications, April Jackson, have been removed from their positions.

For the time being, the Board of Directors will be running the day to day operations. During this time, AMC will work to fill both positions and “reset the strategic direction” of the organization.

“This association is and will continue to be a way for manufacturers of shortline equipment to help each other become more successful,” Andreas says in the letter. “We will never lose sight of the members that built this association, support this association and need this association.”

AMC is a national, member-driven organization dedicated to sustaining a strong, viable and highly respected Canadian agricultural manufacturing industry. With over 250 members, AMC’s mandate is to foster and promote the growth and development of the agricultural equipment manufacturing industry in Canada.

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