July 5, 2019 — Pöttinger's supervisory board gave the green light to start construction of a new assembly plant in St. Georgen Germany, now that building permission has been granted by the authorities. The first construction stage will start in spring 2020. Assembly of the first-round balers and large rakes will start in the new plant in 2021.

The new plant in St. Georgen, approx. 5 km from Pöttinger's headquarters in Grieskirchen (AT), guarantees the future-safe development of the company. The machinery manufacturer will gradually expand the plant in St. Georgen step-by-step.

"We are now working at full speed on the detailed planning and awarding of the contract for the first construction phase. The first stage of this modern construction project comprises around 6,300sqm of workshop space, which can be flexible extended," explains Jörg Lechner, Managing Director Production and Materials Logistics. The new building will be the new home to the assembly lines for round balers and large rakes. The investment project will be started in spring 2020, with this expansion stage amounting to around $28 million.

The local region and the people who live here are very close to the hearts of Pöttinger, a company with a long tradition. "With our new plant, we are investing in high quality, made in Austria. With our high quality standards, we want to build machines in a sustainable plant to achieve the best results and promote the solid growth of the company." says Gregor Dietachmayr, Spokesperson for the Management Team.