Updated July 10th.

Kalida, Ohio ─ Unverferth Manufacturing Co. Inc. has announced its intent to purchase the Blu-Jet equipment assets including the wide variety of fertilizer application and tillage products from Thurston Manufacturing Co., Thurston, Neb.

Thurston filed for voluntary Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in the United States Bankruptcy Court in the state of Nebraska on Jan. 23, 2019. The former maker of Blu-Jet branded farm equipment, Thurston also conducted business as Simonsen Iron Works. According to Thurston Mfg., the company will continue to explore opportunities to keep the facility working once the the Blu-Jet line is transitioned. 

Upon successful completion of the sale, manufacturing will be relocated to the Unverferth’s other manufacturing locations, once a planned integration of the Blu-Jet lines can occur. 

“Blu-Jet products will expand our current offerings in fertilizer application and tillage products and bring a wider variety of quality implements to offer agricultural producers and suppliers across North America,” says Larry Unverferth, president. “As with other lines we have brought into the Unverferth product family, we envision continuing with the Blu-Jet brand and its strong heritage that has been built and nurtured by the Jensen family since 1971.”