DULUTH, Ga. & ARAÇATUBA, Brazil — AGCO Corp. (NYSE:AGCO), a manufacturer and distributor of agricultural equipment, announced a commercial and technological partnership with Solinftec, a developer and distributor of digital agriculture solutions. The partnership will give AGCO customers direct access to Solinftec´s portfolio of solutions including on-board computers, weather stations, soil sensors, telemetry networks, proprietary algorithms and the real-time generation of actionable insights.

The new solutions will launch in Brazil beginning in early 2019 for growers of sugarcane, soybeans, corn and cotton and will launch in the U.S. for the 2020 crop cycle for corn and soybean growers. Solinftec’s offerings will complement the fleet and farm solutions already available through AGCO’s Fuse smart farming portfolio.

According to AGCO, the Solinftec platform is scalable and tackles the core bottlenecks of ag production in 10 different countries and in multiple crop types. Solinftec´s platform compiles and processes in real-time granular sensor data from over 18 million acres and over 30,000 agricultural machines, as well as integrates remote sensing and external data sources.

Solinftec says the company’s platform delivers automatically generated recommendations through mobile devices, on-board computers and a web platform. These solutions have substantially improved operational effectiveness and have earned Solinftec 60% of the sugarcane market in Brazil.