Ag-Pro Companies, already the largest North American farm equipment dealership group based on the number of locations, has not only added 10 new locations but it has expanded its regional influence with the acquisition of Ohio-based JD Equipment.

When the deal is completed, Ag-Pro will operate 71 total locations. Prior to this most recent acquisition, Ag-Pro locations were clustered in the Southeast and southern Texas.

The company operates 22 locations in Georgia, 20 in Texas, 9 in Florida, 7 in Alabama, 4 in South Carolina and now 10 in Ohio. The dealership group, with headquarters in Boston, Ga., also operates a rental outlet in Georgia and according to its website it also has 4 new locations on the drawing board: 2 in Georgia, 1 in Texas and 1 in Florida.

Ag-Pro started out as a single John Deere dealership location in 1958, originally named Boston Tractor Co. At one point, the company also operated 7 dealer locations in Arkansas known as Agricultural Productivity Companies, but transferred these to another Arkansas-based dealership, leaving Ag-Pro with 22 locations across Georgia, Florida and South Carolina.

Since then the company has been on a growth tear, acquiring or opening 49 locations and expanding its reach to Texas, Alabama and now Ohio. Twenty two of these locations have been added since October 2014.

JD Equipment was owned and operated by the Mitchell family for 36 years. The acquisition is expected to be completed by December 12.