2019 Dealer Business Outlook & Trends Forecast

AEI DBOT 2018 Cover

The Ag Equipment Intelligence 2019 Dealer Business Outlook & Trends Farm Equipment Forecast is your single most valuable resource for smarter 2019 planning and budgeting.

Compiled and written by the editors of Ag Equipment Intelligence and in its 14th year, the 48-page Dealer Business Outlook & Trends Forecast features data compiled from more than 200 North American dealer survey respondents. It identifies trends for individual product sales growth; provides a status report and analysis of North American farm equipment industry retail sales data; offers insight into farm equipment pricing; and breaks down dealers' 2019 outlook by key categories. And that's not the half of it — take a look for yourself at the Table of Contents.

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In considerable depth and detail, this report ...

  • Identifies trends for individual product sales growth.
  • Breaks out dealers' 2019 outlook by country (U.S. and Canada), by U.S. region, by equipment brand and by the size of dealership.
  • Provides a status report and analysis of North American farm equipment industry retail sales & inventory data.
  • Offers insightful used farm equipment pricing & inventory analysis.

You'll be hard-pressed to find a comparable source of North American farm equipment industry retail sales & Inventory data, used farm equipment pricing, and inventory analysis. With a copy of this 48-page report, you'll be able to...

  • Measure your successes, challenges and opportunities against the ag equipment industry at large
  • Confidently plan your equipment inventory needs for 2019 to meet anticipated demand 
  • Appropriately budget for your 2019 marketing plan based on sales outlook 
  • Get your revenue numbers back to black in your used equipment inventory P&Ls 
  • Execute an improved SWOT analysis using data compiled and reported by country (U.S. and Canada) by U.S. region, by equipment brand and by the size of dealership
  • Build a smart list of achievable actions items that will positively affect your bottom line in 2019

Study it, share it with your team and refer to it often in your own planning and forecasting. You won’t be disappointed, and we back that with a money-back guarantee.

Order your copy of the 2019 Ag Equipment Intelligence Dealer Business Outlook & Trends farm equipment forecast today for only $299. Think of it as a $25 monthly consulting fee.

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Measuring and monitoring the major farm equipment trends. News and analysis of industry macro trends using a wide range of sources: -Earnings reports and other financial news that signal general economic health of individual players, including dealers, fullline and shortline manufacturers, as well as the industry as a whole.

• Dealer Consolidation – acquisitions and mergers – and other significant moves that impact the industry’s distribution channels.

• Movement in various industry segments (e.g. crops, dairy, livestock, rural lifestyle) such as commodity pricing and cropping segments that could affect ag machinery sales over the long term.

• Evaluation of land prices, farmers’ balance sheets and other industry developments that indicate the general direction of the farm economy.

• International news of equipment sales trends and significant moves by overseas manufactures that have ramifications for the North American ag machinery market.

• Larger, longer-term trends (e.g. ag cycles) that suggest changes in industry fortunes.

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Dealer Sentiments

Dealer Sentiments & Business Conditions Update (12 annual issues)
Offers monitoring and reporting of ongoing farm equipment industry trends in North America that often go unnoticed, including a measure of dealer optimism.

Reports the “raw numbers” from monthly surveys of North American dealers that represent their current views toward short and mid-term industry sales and other micro-trends that can result in longer-term impacts, including:

Month Sales Growth vs. Previous Month and Previous 2 Years
Overall & by major brand • By 10 U.S. regions & Canada • By 12 equipment categories • Dealer results vs. expectations

Current Trends
Price contribution to sales • Manufacturer incentives • Factory lead times

Equipment Inventories
New equipment backlog • Used equipment backlog

Dealer Commentary
Monthly Sales • Used equipment Inventory

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Dealer Sentiments

Executive Summary – Dealer Sentiments & Business Conditions Update (12 annual issues)
A 4-page executive summary delivered directly to your email inbox, providing you with a concise analysis and main conclusions of the full monthly report, saving you time while still giving you the valuable information you need to make better business decisions. 

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Ag Equipment Intelligence Dealer Business Outlook & Trends Report
A 48-page special dealer report published each October, providing you with the most comprehensive and in-depth analysis, trends and forecasts available for the ag equipment industry today.

Features Ag Equipment Intelligence’s primary research of trends at the dealer level. Breaks out dealerships by country, by region, by equipment brand and size of dealership. Also includes North American farm equipment industry retail sales & inventory data, used farm equipment pricing and inventory analysis and other focused topics that impact ag equipment sales.

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2018 Big Dealer Cover Flat

Big Dealer Report
An annual update of North American dealer consolidation trends. Since 2009 Ag Equipment Intelligence and Currie Management Consultants have tracked and compiled the dynamic changes taking place with farm equipment dealer ownership in the U.S. and Canada.

Along with a review of major dealers events during the prior year, the updated report also provides a complete list of North America’s “Big Dealers” by location, brand and shortlines carried, along with commentary on emerging distribution trends in the industry. 

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AEI Russia report

Special Reports
Each year the editors at Ag Equipment Intelligence produce special reports covering important topics of the farm equipment industry. Previous special reports include "The Big Shortline Report," "Brand Loyalty in the Farm Equipment Business,"  "How New Equipment Technologies are Reshaping Farming," “Benchmarketing No-Till Farming in the U.S.,” “Ag Equipment In South America,” Biofuels: Possibilities and Potential for Ag Equipment” and studies of the “Agricultural Equipment Industry in China” and “Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan: The State of Farm Technology in the Common wealth of Independent States.”

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Ag Equipment Capital Markets Report
For private business owners, the valuation multiples of comparable publicly traded companies can provide you with a relevant valuation metric. Issued quarterly to Ag Equipment Intelligence subscribers, this report provides highly relevant, proprietary data on M&A transactions in the ag equipment marketplace. Other topics covered in this report are: M&A trends and key transactions, Agricultural equipment public markets performance, M&A transactions and historical trends, Public company analysis, and more...

The report’s author, Eric Bosveld, leads SDR Ventures’ M&A advisory practice for businesses participating in and serving the agricultural marketplaces in the U.S. and Canada.

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Online Archives
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